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Story of a Young 25yo Entrepreneur Sadira Yeong from Malaysia

We all have a story to tell. Whether it be about ourselves or something that has affected us in our lives. In this article, we are going to discuss the story of a young entrepreneur named Sadira Yeong from Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia whose story can affect a lot of people who have just stepped into the field of entrepreneurship.

The story of Sadira Yeong is a true inspiration for anyone who is contemplating an entrepreneurial lifestyle or just wants to hear about an inspiring woman.

We all need inspiration in our lives that motivates us to keep going. We all have an ideal personality that inspires us and helps us keep moving through the ups and downs of life.

Just like that, Sadira’s personality and her success is a motivation to people, especially young people who are still trying to determine their true worth.

Who is Sadira Yeong?

Sadira is a 25-year-old girl who belongs to Malaysia. She has a baby face, due to which many people judge her before even knowing her true worth. Young Malaysian Female Entrepreneur

Story of a Young 25yo Entrepreneur Sadira Yeong from Malaysia

She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16. She started her blog shop due to the financial issues of her family. She started it in high school but the market expanded slowly. And, she managed to earn 4 to 5 figures at that time and ran the business for 2 years. 

After that, she studied pharmacy at university and then, later on, realized that being a pharmacist is not what she wanted to do. So, she started a tech startup. This startup was a book comparison platform called “Republic” which was funded by “Cradle Fund”.

Although her entrepreneurial journey started in high school at university time her entrepreneurial life started to become successful.

Currently, she is leading two businesses. One is an E-commerce platform, Malaysia’s first perfume subscription. And second is a subsidiary of a Singapore biotech company.

She is the first Asian girl who made it to the top 2 in a competition against 57 countries in Germany.

Sadira Yeong’s Contacts & Social Media


Sadira Yeong is currently active on LinkedIn with 670 followers and 500+ contacts.


She is also socially active on Instagram. She has a private account on Insta.

What Is Scentses+Co?

Scentses+Co is Malaysia’s first perfume subscription and is an E-commerce platform. As mentioned above, the CEO of this company is Sadira Yeong. She started this company with her sisters, Sabreena and Sandra.

This company provides a wide range of fragrances from 560+ designers. People choose the scent of their liking and get the 8 ml atomizer that lasts for a month.

This company provides the best opportunity to try a new scent every month to those people who get bored wearing the same perfume every time. They have a wide range of luxury perfumes for both men and women. The monthly bill for the subscribers is only MR 49.90.

What Is Stemcell United Ltd?

Stemcell United Limited is an Asian-Pacific biotechnology company. It is a plant-based company that builds food, healthcare, nutrition, and cosmetics for people. To refine the cultivation and propagation process of plants, they use plant genetics and stem cell technology.

This company is listed in Australia, while Sadira Yeong is leading a subsidiary of this company. Stemcell United’s main projects include hemp which has been cultivated in Asia and even medical attributes including “Green Caviar or Sea Grapes” and “Resina Draconis”. Stemcell United (SCU) uses environment-friendly technologies to produce these medicines from plants.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is impossible in life if one makes up his mind to achieve his goal no matter what happens. And this is what Sadira Yeong did. She made up her mind to accomplish her dreams and today she is living the life she dreamed for.

According to her, a lot of people judged her and told her that she is not capable enough. But, ignoring all the opposite forces, she is now one of the top entrepreneurs in the world. 

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