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The Differences Between Minicorn Soonicorn Unicorn Decacorn and Hectocorn Companies

The Differences Between Minicorn Soonicorn Unicorn Decacorn and Hectocorn Companies

Did you know the Differences Between Minicorn Soonicorn Unicorn Decacorn and Hectocorn Companies? Well in this article we’re going one step deeper to the meaning of keywords that we hear almost on a daily basis. soonicorn meaning, decacorn startup, unicorn, centacorn

Everyone who wants to become successful tried his level best to achieve goals. Most startups come from meek commencements.

Only a few of them get successful and become the most prominent.

The reason behind their success is the lot of hard work and good intentions towards their work.

In this article, we will talk about the badges of honor for startup aspires like Minicorn, unicorn, decacorn, and lastly Hectocorn. The Differences Between Minicorn Soonicorn Unicorn Decacorn and Hectocorn Companies.

What are MiniCorn, Soonicorn, Unicorn, Decacorn, And Hectocorn Companies?

1. Minicorn:

There is a vision behind every business. A dream of achieving goals leads to a successful business. Companies with more than 1 million $ valuations are known as Minicorn startups. Their valuations show that these companies have the possibility to become a unicorn in the coming days.

  • Small case
  • Store king
  • Money view

2. Soonicorn Meaning

Soonicorn means soon-to-be unicorn. 26 Soonicorns are ready to get listed in unicorn and lots of Minicorns are ready to get added to the Soonicorn club. Companies that are ready to get listed themselves in unicorns are listed below.

  • BharatPE (raised 290.3 million $)
  • Mobikwik (raised 490 million $)
  • Capital float (raised 150.4 million $)
  • Paymate (raised 40.5 million $)

3. Unicorn:

A unicorn is a type of startup that hits more than a billion dollars. Getting part of the unicorn club is not so easy. Companies have to raise their value by billions of dollars. Some examples of unicorn clubs are

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Shein

These are some top companies of unicorn club. Down below we share a list of those companies that joined the unicorn club in 2021.


Cred is a fintech company, it is a credit card and bill payment company that give gifts every time their user use credit card bills. In six financial rounds, this company raised more than $471 million. Now their current worth is $2.2 billion.

Urban company:

This startup is a hyper-local service provider. This platform is for freelancers. In 12 financial rounds, this company raised $445.9 million. Now their current worth is $2 billion.

Pharm Easy:

It is a health-related company that provides services like teleconsultation, test sampling collection, and medicine delivery service. After getting merged with med life this company got a chance to enter in unicorn club.

4. Decacorn:

The startup companies have valuations of more than 10 billion $. There are only 18 decacorn startup available in the world, 10 of them from the USA.

Decacorn are far away different than unicorns because decacorn don’t rely on funding. Their revenue model is very different from that of unicorns. Centacorn

Bytedance (Search growth 3000%)

Bytedance is a company that develops mobile apps. Most apps are related to social media. In 2020 their revenue is $37 billion and increase 2x in 2021. Their valuation is $140 billion.

Epic games (Search growth 2100%)

Epic game is a company that develops video games like Fortnite. More than 350 million accounts are registered in Fortnite. Their valuation is $31.5 billion.

Instacart (Search growth 500%)

Insta cart is a platform that operates grocery delivery. This app works with 40 thousand stores in 5500 + cities. This app is available in USA and Canada. Insta cart valuation is $39 Billion.


It is a fintech company based in UK. this company offers banking services. Live exchange rates, cryptocurrency trading, and bank transfer services are provided by Revolut.


This company built online payment software. An increase in e-commerce growth also put an effect on stripe. Stripe payment volume increase 7x in past 4 years. Now stripe valuation is more than $95 billion.

5. Hectocorn

“Hectocorn or super unicorn” are those companies whose valuations are more than $100 Billion. These companies are mainly tech related. Hectocorn companies are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, SpaceX, Cisco etc.


Microsoft stands for microcomputer software. The worth of Microsoft is approximately 1.72 trillion $.


Oracle stands for Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine. This company is related to databases. The worth of an oracle is 174.20 billion $.


Apple is US based company that provides accessories like mobile laptops iPad etc. it is one of the biggest companies in the world in the sense of valuation. Apple’s worth is approximately $2 trillion.

The above-mentioned companies are in the Hectocorn club.


After reading this article I am sure you will know the difference between Minicorn, Soonicorn, unicorn, Decacorn, and Hectocorn.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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