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Mr Beast Net worth 2023, Revenue, Monthly Income?

Mr Beast Net worth 2022 - How He Gained 100 Million Subscribers at a Young Age?

MrBeast is just 24 years old. The original name of Mr.beast is Jimmy Donaldson. He is an American YouTuber who is making videos for 10 years. Mr Beast Net Worth

The reason for his popularity is because of his expensive experiments and his giving millions of dollars to random people and families. Every video of Mr. Beast has viewers of millions. Mr Beast Net Worth

Mr Beast Net worth 2022 - How He Gained 100 Million Subscribers at a Young Age?

How Mr.Beast started youtube?

Mr. beast was born on May 7, 1998, in the state of Kansas. He was raised in Greenville, North Carolina.

He graduated in 2016 from a private secondary school in Greenville. He started making videos at the age of 13.

The first video of Mr.Beast is the worst mine craft trap ever. This video has more than 12 million viewers now.

In the start, he didn’t gain too much popularity but from time to time his passion and hard work make him on a list of top YouTubers.

Other Channels of Mr. Beast:

6 Main Channels of Mr. Beast

Mr.Beast also runs several Youtube channels.

  1. MrBeast
  2. MrBeast 2
  3. MrBeast Shorts
  4. MrBeast Gaming
  5. Beast Reacts
  6. Beast Philanthropy.
Mr Beast Net worth

If we conclude all the subscribers of his channels it will be 215 million and the total views be 30 billion.

Although these are the 5 channels where Mr. Beast uploads regular videos in English languages.

Spanish Channels of Mr.Beast

Spanish Channels of Mr.Beast
  • MrBeast en español (MrBeast in Spanish) – Created on 8 July 2021
  • Beast Reacts en español (Beast Reacts in Spanish) – Created on 8 July 2021
  • MrBeast Gaming en Español – Created on 2 Nov 2021

Russian Channels of Mr. Beast

Russian Channels of Mr. Beast
  • MrBeast На Русском (MrBeast in Russian) – Created on 5 Aug 2021
  • MrBeast Reacts На Русском (MrBeast Reacts in Russian) – Created on 12 Nov 21
  • MrBeast Gaming На Русском (MrBeast Gaming in Russian) – Created on 13 Nov 21

Portugese Channels of Mr. Beast

Portugese Channels of Mr. Beast
  • MrBeast Brasil (MrBeast Brazil) – Created On October 9, 2021
  • Beast Reacts em Português – Created on November 22, 2021
  • MrBeast Gaming Brasil – Created on November 22, 2021

Other Channels of Mr. Beast

Other Channels of Mr. Beast
  • MrBeast en Français (MrBeast in French) – Created on 27 Nov, 2021
  • MrBeast हिन्दी (MrBeast in Hindi) – Created on Jan 27, 2022,
  • MrBeast in Arabic – مستر بيست بالعربي – Created on Feb 19, 2022

Mr. Beast hired dubbing artists and translators to grow his channels from other languages. MrBeast said in an Impaulsive podcast episode that he plans to make international channels in the top 10 languages.

Mr. Beast Other Businesses:

It’s not possible to tell exactly how much money Mr. beast has made in 2022 but you can guess his business. Some reports say that MrBeast net worth in 2022 is 55 million $.

Like other YouTubers, Mr. beast also has other sources of income, Like merchandise, and sponsorship. MrBeast net worth per month is somewhere around $3million+ according to various 3rd party websites like Social Blade

MrBeast Burgers (Burger Ordering Virtual restaurant) – Official Launched on Nov 10, 2020 in Wilson, North Carolina.

Mr Beast Net worth 2022 - How He Gained 100 Million Subscribers at a Young Age? MrBeast burgers

Jimmy Donaldson founded this restaurant in partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts, LLC.

There are 1000+ locations in North America & Europe till date.

Menu includes Burgers, french fries, desserts & canned beverages.

MrBeast Bars Feastables Chocolates – launched on on January 2022

Mr Beast Net worth 2022 - How He Gained 100 Million Subscribers at a Young Age? - MrBeast Bars Feastables

Feastables offers it customers to win a chance of getting Tesla or a chance to get featured in Mr. Beast’s Video.

Feastables currently offers 5 flavours of MrBeast bars & 1 flavour of Cookies to choose from:

  1. MrBeast Cookies (Chocolate Chips)
  2. MrBeast Bar Original Chocolate
  3. MrBeast Bar Almond Chocolate
  4. MrBeast Bar Quinoa Crunch
  5. MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate
  6. MrBeast Bar Chocolate Sea Salt

You can also order some flavours of Feastables from Amazon.

Mr. Beast’s Merchandise:

Mr Beast Net worth 2022 - How He Gained 100 Million Subscribers at a Young Age? - MrBeast Merchandise

The second-highest source of income for Mr. Beast is through merchandise. He sells T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, mouse pads, water bottles, hats, etc. if you want to buy anything from his store just go to his website 30% of its total revenue comes from its merchandise.

Mr. Beast’s Sponsorships:

Lots of people are curious about Mr. Beast all sponsors. Reports are saying that Mr. beast is charging more than 1 million $ for his main channel.

Many sponsors are engaged with Mr.Beast, but below I only share those sponsors that pay lots of money to Mr. Beast. All mrbeast sponsors


Mr beast advertises honey lots of times in his video. When you shop for anything from Mr.beast merchandise you can get free coupons from honey.

CSGO lotto:

Csgo lotto is a wealthy company and is sponsored by Mr. Beast.


Quidd is an app for sharing and collecting different digital entities like stickers and gifs. Quidd is the first sponsor to give money to jimmy.

Dragon City:

It is a gaming platform that has some similarities to Mr. beast

Apex legend:

it is a very famous free-to-play shooting game. Apex legend is also the sponsor of Mr.beast. These are some of the top sponsors of Mr.Beast.

Estimated Sponsorship Charges of Mr.Beast:

Reports say that Mr.beast charges $1 million + per video.


How he gained 100M+ Subscribers at such a young age?

There are lots of reasons why he gains so much popularity. He has a very big heart. People like his videos of charity. Down below I share some reasons why he gained 100M + subscribers.

Attractive thumbnails:

The first thing you see before clicking on any video is the thumbnail. The more attractive the thumbnail the more chance of viewers.

To research more on his thumnails, you can refer this article on Medium:

Mr Beast Net worth

People get attracted to those thumbnails that create suspense. In Mr.Beast video he wrote sentences on the thumbnail that attracts the viewers, like giving 10000$ to strangers, buying everything in the store, and Dinosaurs in his house. These lines attract the viewers.

Charity video:

Mr. beast is also known for his charity. You have seen these types of titles in his video.

  1. Giving 1 million $ of food to people who need
  2. Donating 100000 $ to random streamers
  3. Gave my credit card to random people.

These are titles or captions that won people’s hearts and become the reason for his gaining 100 million plus subscribers.

List of expensive challenges by Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast has really a good knowledge of checking stats of Youtube. This is very clear from the type of videos he made on youtube.

The thumbnail, Video titles and scripts he spents on making videos is not an easy task. Although he has a proper team of friends, and people around him to help.

This helped Mr. Beast to grow more on his youtube career.

Last Youtuber to Leave Wins $100,000 – Challenge

$200,000 Youtuber Battle Royale

$1,000,000 Challenge Series in 4 parts

Other Challenges of Mr. Beast (List Credits

VideoRelease DateContestantsWinnerWinnings
Last To Leave Circle WinsOctober 12, 2018Chris • Garrett • Chandler • TylerTyler$10,000
Last To Remove Hand, Gets LamborghiniNovember 2, 2018Chandler • Chris • Jake • GarrettChrisA Lamborghini
Last To Leave Slime Pit WinsNovember 30, 2018Chris • Chandler • Garrett • Ethan • ToddGarrett$20,000
Last To Remove Hand, Wins HouseJanuary 8, 2019Bailey • Chris • Chandler • Garrett • JakeBailey • JakeA house
Egg OlympicsJanuary 16, 2019Chandler • Chris • Dustin • Ethan • Garrett • Jake • TyJake$10,000
I Went Back To 1st Grade For A DayJanuary 31, 2019Bailey • Chris • Chandler • Ethan • Garrett • MrBeast (Jimmy)Bailey$10,000
I Spent 24 Hours Straight In Insane AsylumFebruary 10, 2019Chris • Chandler • Ethan • JakeEthan • Jake$10,000
Amazing Beast RaceFebruary 22, 2019Jake & Jake Weddle • Chandler & Josh • Garrett & Ben • Chris & DustinGarrett & Ben$10,000
Last To Leave The Tesla, Keeps ItMarch 29, 2019Chris • Chandler • Garrett • Jake • TareqChrisA Tesla
Battleship With Real ShipsApril 5, 2019Ethan • BaileyEthan$10,000
World’s Largest Bowl Of CerealMay 15, 2019Chris & Connor • Chandler & Ty • Jake & Scotch • MrBeast (Jimmy) & BeccaJake & Scotch$10,000
Last To Stop Running WinsJune 6, 2019Chris • Chandler • Marcus • TyTy$13,000
Last To Leave VR WinsJune 8, 2019Chandler • Chris • Gabby • MarkChris$18,000
Last To Leave Revolving Door WinsJuly 2, 2019Chris • Chandler • Dustin • ZachChandler$50,000+
Last To Leave Roller Coaster WinsAugust 17, 2019Chris • Garrett • Marcus • Ty
Chandler • Dustin • Jake • Luke
White Team$20,000
Last To Leave Pool of $20,000 Keeps ItAugust 24, 2019Quaid & Chris • Mary Lisa & Chandler • Thomas & Jake • Jacob & TyMary Lisa & Chandler$20,000
Last To Leave Ramen Noodle Pool WinsSeptember 13, 2019Cassidy • Chandler • Hannah • ZachCassidy$20,000
Dumpster Diving 100 DumpstersOctober 12, 2019Chris • Jake WeddleChris$12,000
Last To Take Hand Off Boat, Keeps ItOctober 19, 2019Chandler • Chris • Jacob • JakeJakeA mini yacht
Last To Fall Wins $1,000,000November 14, 2019Akira & Jake • Alberto & Marcus • Cameron & Chris • Colby & ChandlerAkira & JakeA chance to win $1,000,000
Extreme Hide And Seek #1November 28, 2019Ben • Chandler • Garrett • Jacob • Jake • Jake Weddle • Kelly • Marcus • Ty • TylerBen$50,000
Last To Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000November 30, 2019Nick & Chris • Omar & Jake • Troy & Chandler • Payton & MarcusOmar & JakeA chance to win $1,000,000
Last To Leave Toilet Wins $1,000,000December 7, 2019Josh, Brian & Chandler • Jenny, Jorge & ChrisWhite TeamA chance to win $1,000,000
Last To Stop Biking Wins $1,000,000December 14, 2019Cody, Mark & Chandler • Ryan, Jeremy & MarcusBlack TeamA chance to win $1,000,000
Last To Take Hand Off $1,000,000December 19, 2019Akira, Omar & Jake • Jorge & Chris • Mark & ChandlerMark & Chandler$1,000,000
Extreme Hide And Seek #2January 17, 2020Becca • Ben • Chandler • Cody • Karl • Jacob • Jake • Jake Weddle • Mary Lisa • TylerBen$60,000
I Went Back To Boy Scouts For A DayJanuary 25, 2020Chris • Chandler • Karl • BeccaChris$10,000
Lamborghini RaceFebruary 8, 2020Chandler • Chris • Mary LisaChrisA Lamborghini
Extreme Hide And Seek #3March 14, 2020Chandler • Karl • Ben • Thomas • Matt • Cody • Mary Lisa • Tyler • Tom • KellyTom$70,000
I’m Giving My Friend $1 For Ever 1,000 Views This Video GetsMay 23, 2020Chris • Karl • Tyler • TareqTareq$30,000 (and counting)
I Built The World’s Largest Lego TowerJune 6, 2020Chandler, Tyler, Timmy, Jake Weddle • Chris, Karl, Zach, EthanChandler’s Team$50,000
I Ate The World’s Largest Slice Of PizzaAugust 1, 2020Chandler, Jimmy, Chris, Karl, Tyler, Jackson, Dustin • Joey ChestnutJoey ChestnutPizza Trophy
Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps ItAugust 15, 2020Chandler • Karl • Chris • Nolan • Jessie • Jedd • Darrin • Tyler • Tyler • Ethan (Taggs)Chandler$800,000 Island
Push This Red Button For $100,000November 14, 2020Chandler • Karl • Chris • Nolan • TaggsKarl$100,000, which was given to his sister, Corry
Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep ItNovember 27, 2020Chandler • Karl • Chris • NolanNolan$100,000 & $10,000 diamond, which was given to his sister
I Put 1,000,000 Christmas Lights On A House (World Record)December 23, 2020Chandler • Karl • ChrisKarl$300,000 house, which was given to his brother, Sean
Extreme $100,000 Game of Tag!April 17, 2021Chris • Chandler • Karl • Adam • Christopher • Jordan • Mitch • Nolan • Rick • Sam • SapnapSapnap$100,000
Extreme $500,000 Game of Tag!September 4, 2021Jordan • Classy • Sam • Chris K. • Lincoln • Airrack • Jessica • Blakeli • Andy • JeremyLincoln$500,000
First To Rob Bank Wins $100,000September 26, 2021Chris • Chandler • Karl • NolanNolan$100,000
$1,000,000 Influencer Tournament! & Extreme $1,000,000 Hide And SeekDecember 16-18, 2021Quackity • Logan Paul • Pierson • Mark Rober • Lexi Rivera • Larray • Zach King • Bella Poarch • Airrack • Preston • ZHC • Sofie Dossi • Ryan Trahan • MatPat • Rosanna PansinoZack King$1,000,000
100 Girls Vs 100 Boys For $500,000July 24, 2022200 People35 Girls$500,000

Why is Mr. Beast so famous?

As I described above, the reason for his popularity is doing some expensive experimental videos and making charity videos. These types of videos gain so many views. Thursday, July 28, 2022, he gained 100 Million subscribers.

Mr. Beast’s Charity, Philanthropy & Donations:

Jimmy created the beast philanthropy. All the income that comes from this channel will be given as donations.

How much money has he donated till date?

It’s not possible to tell exactly how much money he donated till date. He donates more than $1 million every year.

Mr. Beast Quotes:

If you are a subscriber then you need to read some of his quotes. Down below I share some of them.

 “I think on youtube it’s different, and people just haven’t realized, positivity is just as clickbait as negativity.”

as a YouTuber I have been able to meet a lot of creators online, but we don’t have opportunities to meet in person and share our responsibilities,

I remember thinking like every day back then like I am never gonna be a YouTuber, but I really want to be a YouTuber.”

 “My overarching goal in life is to make a lot of money and then before I die give it away.”

 “My mindset was just reinvest everything i make- everytime i got a paycheck, that was the month’s budget”.


When did he start making videos?

He started making videos at the age of 13.

How much money does MrBeast have in 2022?

Mr.beast have more than $55 million in 2022.

What is MrBeast net worth per month?

Mr. Beast have net worth $3 million+ per month.

How many subscribers does Mr.beast have in 2022?

At the end of 2022 Mr. beast will have more than 110 million subscribers.

Why people like Mr.beast?

People like him just because of his unique content. His content is full of fun and uniqueness.


After reading this article, you will get know each and every thing about Mr.Beast aka jimmy donaldson. His life is an inspiration to many youngsters. Lots of people get motivation from his life and bussiness etc.

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