How Michael Jordan Spends His Billions?

How Michael Jordan Spends His Billions - CEOCOLUMN.COM

Michael Jordan has a net worth of 2.1 billion dollars.

Some of which he earned from his Chicago Bulls playing salary.

But Jordan has pocketed most of his lifetime earnings through corporate sponsorships and partnerships.

So, how does he spend his hard-earned cash from ownership stakes and sports franchises to restaurants, real estate investments, and a collection of high-priced luxury vehicles.

Here’s how Michael Jordan spends his billions.

Jordan’s Sports Franchises

In 2010 Jordan bought the CHARLOTTE HORNETS for 175 million dollars.

And despite little on court success the HORNETS have been a slam dunk for Jordan as an investment.

Currently the franchise is valued at more than 1.5 billion dollars, but it’s even better for Jordan is that he owns 97 percent of the equity and the team.

Jordan is also a minority owner of the MIAMI MARLINS and was part of Derek Jeter’s investment group which bought the team in 2017.

In 2018, Jordan dipped his toe into the E-sports world and was part of a twenty six million dollar funding round an AXIOMATIC, the parent company of TEAMLIQUID.

Restaurants Owned by Jordan

Jordan has also invested a large chunk of his money in the restaurant business.

He owns several establishments across the country including 1,000 north in Jupiter Florida.

And Michael Jordan’s MJ STEAKHOUSE which has locations in Connecticut, Washington and Chicago.

Another one of Jordan’s restaurants in Chicago simply named MICHAEL JORDAN’S RESTAURANT is an upscale establishment serving elevated American classics.

The restaurants motto is appropriately dine like a legend and offers a prime Delmonico steak for cool $54 a plate.

Jordan’s Real Estates

Like many top athletes and businessmen, Jordan has heavily invested in real estate.

He spent $12.8 million to build his dream house in 2012.

A 28,000 square foot mansion equipped with 11 bedrooms, a pool house, a two-story guardhouse, and a basketball court of course.

It sits on Jack Nicholson’s ultra-exclusive Bear Club, a Jupiter Florida Golf Course community.

Along with his Jupiter compound, Jordan owns both a lakefront property and a luxury condo in Charlotte North Carolina.

He also reportedly owns a winter getaway property in Salt Lake City Utah.

In Chicago Jordan has a mansion Chicago’s Highland Park what’s he famously built from scratch and comes with an NBA regulation basketball court, PGA quality putting green, cigar room, wine cellar nine bedrooms, and 19 bathrooms. A pool pavilion tennis courts and much more. It’s currently on the market for $15 million.

Finally Jordan has a $2.8 million house near Charlotte.


Jordan loves riding in style. Whether it’s by car, plane, or boat.

When MJ was first drafted by the Chicago Bulls, one of his very first expensive purchases was a collection of SEVEN MERCEDES and PONTIACS for his friends and family members.

As his wealth began to pile up, Jordan has been spotted in everything from FERRARIS to LAND ROVERS.

Some standouts from his personal collection include an ASTON MARTIN DB9 VOLANTE, a CADILLAC XLR, a MERCEDES-BENZ SLR, a MCLAREN 722 EDITION, a PORSCHE 911, a RANGE ROVER, a FERRARI 599 GTB FIORANO and many others.

He also owns a NISSAN dealership in Durham North Carolina. I wonder if he gets a discount.

Of course, Jordan flies in style too.

He owns a GULF STREAM G550 private jet that’s painted Carolina blue bears the junk mail logo and a call sign of N236MJ, which is a combination of his jersey number, the number of championship titles and his initials.

If he’s traveling by sea, Jordan typically charters at 230 foot yacht called MR. TERRIBLE which has eight separate cabins and a full-size basketball court among other luxury amenities.

But don’t forget about the 80 foot VIKING YACHT company fishing boat, he keeps in his marina for quick day trips.

Tech Companies

Like many entrepreneurs, Jordan has also invested some of his fortune in tech start-ups.

He was reportedly one of several celebrities who invested heavily in GIGSTER. A Silicon Valley start-up connecting companies to freelance software developers, designers, and project managers.

According to the tech database, CrunchBase Jordan is also an investor in SPORTSRADAR, the world’s leading supplier of sports and betting related live data.

MUZIK the creators of the world’s first smart headphones and AXIOMATIC another software company.


In 1989, Jordan married Juanito Vannoy.

The couple had three children together Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine.

But after 17 years of marriage, they divorced in December 2006.

In the twos divorce settlement, Jordan was forced to fork over a staggering 650 million dollars.


There’s a certain level of responsibility that celebrities have in this day and age to engage in philanthropic efforts, and Jordan has stepped up big time in that arena.

In 2016, Jordan pledged two large donations to the NAACP Legal Defence Fund and the International Association of Chiefs of Police into Institute for community police relations, which came after a string of police involved shootings.

In 2017, Jordan donated 7 million dollars to fund to Novant Health Michael Jordan family clinics in Charlotte.

A year later he donated two million dollars to Hurricane Florence relief efforts.

Jordan has also donated to the American Red Cross, make-a-wish, Friends of children and in 2015 distributed 8.9 million dollars to 23 different Chicago based charities benefiting the city’s children.


Like most golfers, Jordan reportedly hates being held up by slower players.

So his airness did what most avid golfers would do.

He built his own private golf course, GROVE 23 the Roman numerals obviously stand for the number 23 which Jordan wore with the Bulls during his six championships.

Jordan’s uber exclusive private golf course opened in the fall of 2019 in hope sound Florida.

The course from its layout to its features screams luxury and Jordan get surrounded in style.

His custom Carolina blue golf cart which of course is emblazoned with his Jumpman logo puts all other golf carts to shame.


We know from stories about his playing days, that Jordan is a famous gambler.

Charles Barkley once told Dan Patrick that Jordan used to wager hundreds of thousands of dollars when a single hole of golf when he played.

Others including Barkley himself would wage only a few hundred dollars.

But that just scratches the surface of Jordan’s love for gambling. But Jordan hasn’t slowed down since he retired.

In 2011 a fan bet Jordan $500 that he couldn’t hit the green in one shot on a par three at the American Century Golf Championship.

Of course Jordan hit the green and calmly went to retrieve his winnings.


Jordan never travels overseas without a security team, which sets him back a cool thousand to $1,500 per hour.

His code name is reportedly YAHWEH, a Hebrew word for God and that sounds about right.

Jordan also keeps some of his most valuable possessions in the safe that goes into a security shutdown after 10 failed attempts at a combination.

If he forgot the combination, the safe would have to be blown open in order to get into it.

He and his security operate on a strict schedule too.

Jordan has left a friend in Vegas before who was late and recently left two security guards behind.


Jordan has a high-powered team of attorneys, who keep a tight grip on his franchises and copyrights, just in case companies tried to appropriate his name or likeness without his permission which definitely happens from time to time.

In 2015, Jordan won a court case against the grocery store chain who used his name in an ad for steak without his permission and was awarded close to nine million dollars.

Then in 2016, Jordan won a case against the Chinese sportswear brand that was using his name without his permission.

When you come at the King you best not mess.

How Lebron James Spends His Millions? Cars, Watches, Philanthropy & on Himself.

How Lebron James Spends His Millions - CEOCOLUMN.COM

Ever since he was drafted number one overall by the Cleveland cavaliers in 2003, Lebron James has pocketed over 310 million dollars just from his playing salary alone.

But his income obviously doesn’t stop there from sponsorship deals to his Los Angeles based production company SPRING HILL ENTERTAINMENT, James takes in 100 million dollars per year and is worth a total of 500 million dollars.

He’s well on his way to becoming a billionaire. How Lebron James Spends His Millions

Let’s take a closer look at how Lebron spends his millions.

Real Estates

They say real estate is a smart investment these days.

Well Lebron has certainly taken that message to heart.

James has owned a number of lavish properties throughout his career.

Including his recently purchased Mediterranean style mansion in the Beverly Hills post office area which he just bought for 36.75 million dollars.

Spanning 2.5 acres James’s newest castle includes two guest houses, a screening room, swimming pool, poolhouse and tennis court.

Of course it also has sweeping views of the city below.

Before Lebron moved in the property was sold by the estate of Lee Phillip Bell, the talk show host and co-creator of the YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, who died earlier this year.

James owns a swanky 23 million home in the Brentwood neighbourhood of Los Angeles too.

His Brentwood estate comes equipped with a chef’s kitchen, an elevator, a rooftop terrace, an onyx bar, a wine cellar, a cigar room, a movie theatre, a home gym an oversized swimming pool and eight bedrooms.

If Anthony Davis and the rest of the Lakers starting five wants to sleep over before a big game, they’ll have ample room at James’s mansion which he actually owned before signing with the Lakers in 2018.

Lebron has also lived in a 9.2 million dollar fortress in Akron, Ohio that he purchased for around 2.1 million in 2003 when he was drafted by The Cavs (The Cleveland Cavaliers)

After some upgrades his compound stretches across 35400 square feet and features a bowling alley, which for his three kids BRONNY, BRYCE & ZHURI has to be like heaven.

It also comes with six bedrooms six and a half bathrooms a private home theatre and a barber shop.

Lebron’s grandmaster bedroom is located on the first floor but features a two-story walk-in closet, there’s also an aquarium and online casino on site.

Another one of Lebron’s top properties sits in coconut grove Miami Florida and is spread over 15,000 square feet.

This nine million dollar Miami mansion includes three fountains, room for two 60-foot yachts, six bedrooms and eight and a half baths.

The coconut grove compound also comes with an infinity pool that overlooks the water, a movie theatre, and a wine cellar because we know Lebron loves his vino.

Lebron James’ Watches Collection:

Lebron is a hall of fame player. He’s also a hall of fame watch collector.

While some watch enthusiasts chase one brand or one type of watch.

James has an arsenal of watches for any and all occasions.

Rolex Yacht-Master II

His stockpile of luxury watches begins with his ROLEX YACHT-MASTER II, which is valued at nearly three thousand three hundred dollars with the 44 millimetre case the Yacht-Master II is fit for a king and is the largest watch in the brand’s portfolio.

With its Cerachrom bezel and eye-catching regatta timer, it’s an absolute show-stopper.

But Lebron’s collection doesn’t stop here.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

James also likes to flash a Rolex sky dweller that comes with a price tag of $33,600 US dollars.

The sky dweller is created for travellers like James and his features include a 24-hour display, annual calendar, and a month display.

Rolex Day-Date II

Another watch in Lebron’s war chest is the Rolex Day-Date II, which checks in at $30,400 dollars.

The day date screams luxury and Lebron’s version of the watch has a black dial roman numerals and a fluted bezel.

It’s a classic design and perfect for Lebron’s everyday look.

James’ Cars Collection:

It’s no surprise that Lebron has one of the most diverse collections of luxury vehicles in the NBA.

Depending on the day you could see James riding around in his fully restored 1975 CHEVY IMPALA CONVERTIBLE and All-white BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT which seems perfect for Miami morning.

A fully customized matte white CHEVY CAMARO or a DODGE CHALLENGER that’s reportedly painted silver with blue stripes in support of his favourite football team, THE DALLAS COWBOYS.

Lebron owns three Ferraris including an exclusive FERRARI 599, a FERRARI F430 and 458 SPIDER which all seem fit for cruising the sunset strip on a warm la afternoon.


Lebron has been an ambassador for KIA since 2014 and keeps a few of those sedans in his garage too.

Lebron’s Body:

James’s income also allows the four-time MVP to commit loads of cash to ensuring his body stays in tip-top shape.

Lebron reportedly spends 1.5 million dollars annually on his body from massage therapists to trainers and his personal chefs.

Some of that money also goes to keeping his home gyms stocked with state-of-the-art equipment.

Lebron’s commitment to his body has paid off in a big way.

At the ripe age of 35, James only missed four regular season games this season.

And is somehow peaking in the playoffs after a season that has spanned a full calendar year.

Typically, NBA athletes start breaking down once they reach their mid-30s.

But James seems like he’s still in his prime.

Lebron’s longevity is one of the more underrated aspects of his career and he probably wouldn’t still be playing at the level he is, if it wasn’t for his commitment to his body and health.


Lebron is not only one of the richest athletes ever, he’s also one of the most philanthropic.

James funnels a lot of his earnings back into his community of Akron and other communities around the country that need help.

James’ I PROMISE SCHOOL which opened its doors in 2018, initially cost around 8 million to open and Lebron and his foundation funnel at least 2 million dollars into the school annually.

Through a partnership between Akron Public schools and James’ foundation The I PROMISE SCHOOL will house nearly 1000 at-risk children in grades first through eight by 2022.

Now that’s what you call giving back.

James’s I Promise School has been his most notable philanthropic act of the last several years.

But Lebron has been giving back through his entire professional career.

Proceeds from his highly scrutinized TV special THE DECISION, back in the summer of 2010, where James announced his intentions to sign with the Miami heat totalled 2.5 million dollars.

And were donated to the boys and girls clubs of America to help provide after-school programs for kids.

Lebron and his wife savannah have also made generous contributions to support the advocacies of the children’s defence fund and 1×1, an organization that focuses on supporting children by addressing hunger, health, education, clean water and play.

Lebron has also been a supporter and contributed to after school all-stars in both Ohio and Los Angeles.

He even chose after-school all-stars Los Angeles as his charity of choice for the 2019 all-star game.

This charity provides out-of-school programs for over 8 000 students in need across 52 low-income schools in the LA area.

In 2016, James made a 2.5 million donation to the Muhammad Ali exhibit at the Smithsonian national museum of African-American history and culture.

The exhibit titled Muhammad Ali a force for change features two parts, one celebrating Ali’s boxing career and another his social activism which James has always been a big proponent of.

Where Does Cristiano Ronaldo spend his Millions of Dollars? Mansions, Cars, Jets, & Assets.

Where does Cristiano Ronaldo spend his millions - CEOCOLUMN.COM

Cristiano Ronaldo’s favourite currency is goals and his ability to score them at remarkable rates has made him a very wealthy sportsmen.

Ronaldo has a net worth of 361 million pounds, that’s roughly 460 million US dollars. But, Where does Cristiano Ronaldo spend his millions?

And he pockets a 26 million pound salary roughly 34 million dollars from Juventus, which means he earns over 50 pounds per minute.

The Portugal international also receives plenty of money from various sponsorships and partnerships.

So, how does he spend his hard-earned cash?

From cars and houses to various business investments, this is how Cristiano Ronaldo spends his millions.

Ronaldo is used to luxury living, when he played for real Madrid, he lived in a villa worth seven million dollars.

The Portuguese superstar moved to Turin in 2018 and he now lives in a stunning mansion that’s similar in design to his place in Madrid.

The complex contains two villas, huge gardens, an on-site gym, and swimming pool.

Ronaldo also owns an 18.5 million dollar apartment in trump tower in New York, a holiday home in Marbella and a villa in Madeira, the island where he was born.

His real estate portfolio is estimated to be worth 47 million dollars in total.

Let’s hope Ronaldo has large driveways at his properties.

The Juventus forward has such an incredible car collection that it’d be easy to mistake him for a formula one driver.

Ronaldo has around 20 cars that are thought to be worth a combined 16 million pounds.

About half of that amount went on his most recent purchase and limited edition Bugatti Centodieci that cost 9 million pounds, just a little something to bang on the credit card.

He also owns Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Rolls Royce’s. And when we use the plural we mean plural. Ronaldo has at least two of each.

One birthday gift you buy the man who has everything, another car of course.

Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave him a Mercedes G-class when he turned 35.

Ronaldo doesn’t only travel by car. Can you really imagine him sitting in traffic on the motorway?

He also owns a private jet that’s worth around 50 million pounds. It’s sponsored by NIKE that has a personalized design with Ronaldo’s CR7 branding

There’s loads of room inside, and the plane is decked out with luxury fittings and furniture.

When he fancy some time on the water rather than in the air, Ronaldo often makes use of a Yacht worth 15 million pounds.

He’s not actually the owner of the stunning motor yacht named AFRICA-1, but he’s rented it out in the past for a hundred and eighty thousand pounds a week.

The yacht on the French Riviera contains a gym, a Jacuzzi, two jet skis, an outdoor cinema and a rather nice sky lounge.

Ronaldo represents a number of fashion brands, which makes sense as he’s a regular consumer of such things.

He has an impressive watch collection with each watch featuring opulent designs and plenty of gold and diamonds.

Ronaldo was once spotted wearing the priciest Rolex ever made. It was Rolex GMT-Master Ice, valued at £380,000 or roughly $497,000

It’s worth half a million dollars he’s into expensive suits too and his outfits at award ceremonies are normally worth thousands of dollars.

Ronaldo doesn’t just like to buy fashion items, he helps to create them too. He’s invested large sums into CR7 underwear, a luxury brand.

Ronaldo regularly models the items himself. A job he was probably all too happy to volunteer for.

This is his most well-known business venture and it shows that the Portuguese is already thinking about life after football, even when Ronaldo has retired.

Football will always be his passion he’s the part owner of football themed hotels in Madeira and Lisbon. That are ideal places to stay if you’re a fan of the beautiful game.

The PESTANA CR7 in Madeira, is located on the same site as the CR7 museum.

The hotel has been decorated with various shirts, souvenirs, and memorabilia from Ronaldo’s career. While the hallways are carpeted with faux grass, that makes it look like a football pitch.

Ronaldo has numerous other business interests.

He’s launched a hair transport clinic, created CR7’s crunch fitness gyms, brought Cristiano Ronaldo fragrances to market and dabbled in cosmetics and footwear.

He’s also made a move into the food and beverage sector, opening a chain of restaurants with music and sports stars Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, and Enrique Iglesias.

On top of that Ronaldo owns mobile apps, a creative agency, and a private jet rental service.

All of which must make him one of the busiest men on the planet.

You’d imagine he’s hired a few thousand people to help him out though.

Now it’s only fair to mention that Ronaldo also gives generously to charitable causes, even before he was famous worldwide.

CR7 donated funds to the relief effort in the aftermath of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

Since then, he’s contributed to numerous different charities, as well as making one-off donations to individuals in need.

In 2012, he paid for the treatment of a nine-year-old Canadian boy who had cancer.

Three years later he was named the world’s most charitable sportsman, after giving five million pounds for reconstruction after an earthquake in Nepal.

Ronaldo has also supported initiatives by the MAKE-A-WISH foundation and save the children, as well as funding a cancer treatment centre in Portugal.

He’s also happy to put his hand in his pocket when others have helped him personally.

After cutting shorter holiday in Greece in 2018, Ronaldo reportedly left an eighteen thousand pound tip for the hotel staff.

Ronaldo has always been described as vane throughout his career and he kind of proved that point back in 2015.

CR7 reportedly paid $33000 to have a wax statue of himself that he intended to display in his own house.

Let’s hope the designers made a better job of it, than those who sculpted the infamous statue of Ronaldo at Madeira airport.

Top 10 Most Expensive Transfers of All Time in Football History

Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN.COM

When S.S.C. NAPOLI paid 1.2 million pounds to sign Giuseppe Savoldi in 1975. It was the first time a club had spent more than a million pounds on a footballer.

There was outrage over the fee. Fans complained that the game had gone mad.

These days 1.2 million pounds might not even cover a top player’s monthly wages. The sums involved in football today are astronomical.

As you’re about to find out here are the 10 most expensive transfers in football history.

Most Expensive Transfers in Football History

Number 10th GARETH BALE from TottenHam Hotspur F.C. to Real Madrid (86 Million Pounds)

10 GARETH BALE - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (1)

Gareth bale has played more golf than football recently.

Zinedine Zidane, a formal football player doesn’t rate the Welshman too highly, so he’s had to find other ways to fill his time.

But REAL MADRID definitely rated him back in 2013.

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR F.C. chairman Daniel levy is a tough negotiator.

MADRID were never going to sign Bale on the cheap but no one expected SPURS to get 86 million pounds for him.

The fee made Bale the most expensive player in the world. Seven years later he’s only number 10 on this list.

Number 9th CRISTIANO RONALDO from Real Madrid to Juventus (88 Million Pounds)

9 Ronaldo - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (2)

When MADRID signed Bale, they didn’t disclose the transfer fee.

The reason because they thought Cristiano Ronaldo would get jealous if he knew bale was more expensive than him.

CR7 climbed back above Bale in 2018.

He may have been 33 but he was still one of the best players in the world.

That’s why JUVENTUS were happy to pay a mammoth 88 million pounds for his services.

When you had to pull his transfer fees down the years, Ronaldo’s cost his clubs more than 180 million pounds.

Number 8th EDEN HAZARD from Chelsea to Real Madrid (89 Million Pounds)

8 EDEN HAZARD - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (3)

REAL MADRID didn’t replace Ronaldo at first.

And it showed after winning virtually nothing in 2018 to 19, president Florentino Pérez reached for the chequebook, Eden Hazard was his target.

The Belgian had just one year left on his contract at CHELSEA.

But MADRID couldn’t wait, they were so desperate to sign him that they paid 89 million pounds up front with extra fees due in bonuses.

MADRID have had some incredible players down the years.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazilian Ronaldo (Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima), Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo and plenty more.

But at 89 million pounds hazard is the priciest player in their history.

Number 7th PAUL POGBA from Juventus to Manchester United (89 Million Pounds)

PAUL POGBA - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (4)

As we’ve discussed already 89 million pounds is quite a lot of money.

And if things had worked out differently MANCHESTER UNITED wouldn’t have needed to pay that amount for Pogba.

You see united already owned Pogba in the early 2010s.

But they barely used him and the young Frenchman became frustrated at a lack of game time.

He decided to walk out and join JUVENTUS for free in 2012.

Over the next four years Pogba became one of the best midfielders in the world.

United then ordered a large slice of humble pie and it cost them 89 million pounds.

Number 6th OUSMANE DEMBÉLÉ from Dortmund to Barcelona (97 Million Pounds)

6 OUSMANE DEMBÉLÉ - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (5)

When Neymar left Barcelona in 2017, they needed a replacement and they needed one quickly Ousmane Dembélé was the man BARCA chose.

That was good news for BORUSSIA DORTMUND who became 97 million pounds richer overnight.

The transfer hasn’t worked out, Dembélé has been unlucky with injuries but he’s also struggled to make an impact when he’s been fit, oh and allegedly missing training because he was up all night playing video games isn’t all that clever either.

Number 5th PHILIPPE COUTINHO from Liverpool to Barcelona (105 Million Pounds)

5 PHILIPPE COUTINHO - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (6)

Barcelona fans look away now. The club first tried to sign Coutinho in 2017.

LIVERPOOL dug in their heels, but BARCA didn’t give up.

The following January, they bought the Brazilian for 105 million pounds. Supporters celebrated but they weren’t happy for long.

Coutinho failed to settle and was soon loaned out to BAYERN MUNICH.

BAYERN were then drawn against BARCELONA in the Champions league quarter-finals of 2020.

It was an embarrassing night for the CATALANS.

Coutinho scored twice against the club who owned him.

As BAYERN won 8-2, way to go BARCA.

Number 4th ANTOINE GRIEZMANN from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona (107 Million Pounds)

4 ANTOINE GRIEZMANN - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (7)

Well, BARCELONA sure liked to spend their money don’t they?

The DEMOLAY INTERNATIONAL and Coutinho signings didn’t work out.

But that didn’t bother BARCA buying another player for more than 100 million pounds, would surely solve all their problems.

Spoiler alert! It didn’t, Griezmann just couldn’t fit in at BARCELONA.

He’d been the main man at ATLETICO MADRID, but now he was just part of the support cast to Lionel Messi.

It’s still early days for Griezmann, he might yet come good for the sake of BARCELONA’s finances we really hope so.

Number 3rd JOÃO FÉLIX from S.L. Benfica to Atletico Madrid (113 Million Pounds)

3 JOÃO FÉLIX - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (8)

ATLETICO MADRID could have pocketed the cash they received for Griezmann.

Or they could have used the funds to buy multiple players in different positions.

That would have been sensible. It had also been pretty boring.

So, instead ATLETICO immediately splashed out 113 million pounds on João Félix it was a huge fee for anyone.

Let alone a club that was in the second division 20 years earlier.

Felix became the second most expensive teenager ever.

Ah! But who was number one?

Number 2nd KYLIAN MBAPPE from AS Monaco FC to PSG [Paris Saint-Germain F.C.] (163 Million Pounds)

2 KYLIAN MBAPPE - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (9)

That’s right Kylian MBappe is the most expensive teenage footballer of all time.

When MONACO beat PSG to the Ligue 1 title in 2017, the mega rich Parisians vowed it would never happen again.

Their first step to doing that was simple, sign MONACO’S best player.

Mbappe initially arrived on loan, before PSG paid 163 million pounds for him 12 months later.

Even at that enormous price, he was probably a bargain.

Number 1st NEYMAR JR. from Barcelona to PSG [Paris Saint-Germain F.C.] (198 Million Pounds)

1 Neymar Jr - Most Expensive Transfers in Football - CEOCOLUMN (10)

When BARCELONA beat PSG 6-1 to complete a remarkable champions league comeback in 2017, the mega rich Parisians vowed it would never happen again.

Stop us if you’ve heard this before.

But their first step was simple, sign one of Barcelona’s best players.

Neymar’s move to PSG stunned the football world.

The Brazilian had a 198 million pound buyout clause in his contract.

BARCELONA were relaxed about it.

They thought no club would ever be able to afford that price.

But 198 million pounds is pocket change to PSG’s owners.

They paid the fee and triggered the clause, Neymar to PSG remains the most expensive transfer in football history.

It was probably the most audacious one too.