Maria Ahlin “Changing Attitudes” founder, Author of Visuell Drog, Educator & Public Speaker Age, Biography, Family & more.

Maria Ahlin

Maria Ahlin is a Swedish public speaker, educator, author and the founder of the non-profit organization Changing Attitudes. With hard facts, statistics, grit, and expertise & working for more than 12+ years on such topics, she challenges myths & old beliefs about sex-industry.

Full Name:Maria Ahlin
Nick name:Maria
Profession:Public Speaker, Author, Educator & Founder of Changing Attitudes
Famous for:Her EDxGöteborg in 2019
Years Active:2008-present


Maria Ahlin husband Jonatan Ahlin
Maria Ahlin husband Jonatan Ahlin
Date of Birth:29th June 1989
Relationships & Partner’s Name:Jonatan Ahlin @jonatanahlin
Marital Status:Married
Place of residence:Uppsala, Sweden
Hometown:Uppsala, Sweden
Religion, Nationality:Swedish, Sweden, European

In her TEDxGöteborg on 16th April 2019 in Sweden, she talked about how porn is making youngsters less sensitive to sexual aggression & despite these alarming facts, porn is still one of our biggest taboos.

How most children are first exposed to pornography at a worryingly young age & how we can escape from porn-addiction.

Maria Ahlin’s TED talk video:

Achievements & Skills:

  • Maria has her own merchandise of Changing Attitudes at
  • Languages Known – She knows three languages Bokmål norska, Engelska & Svenska
  • Maria has given more than 400 public talks & has met with more than 500 people in prostitution & sex-industry, as well as thousands of sex-offenders.
  • Maria Ahlin is also the author of the book Visuell Drog [Visual Drug] which is based on Youth, kids & online porn.
  • She is the founder & head of Changing Attitudes. Where she focus to eliminate all attitudes leading to sex-buying. It’s a non-profit organization led by Maria Ahlin in November 2008.
Maria Ahlin Book Visual Drug

About Changing Attitudes Non Profit Organization:

Changing attitudes is a non-profit organization funded by government, inititaed by Maria Ahlin in Svartbacksgatan 26 753 32, Uppsala, Sweden.

Changing attitudes is a youth organization made up of local CA-teams. A team is a group young people eliminating all attitudes leading to sex-buying, in their city.

In 2019 our amount of members were 3 994 persons.

Everyone can apply in this organization, signing up as a member is totally free and it takes a one-time application, Each year the member is asked to update their membership.

Demand & Goal:

Their main motto is to eliminate all attitudes leading to sex-buying.

To prevent exploitation in the production chain Changing Attitudes team always strive to have their own products produced in a manner that promotes the environment, sustainability, human rights, and health.


Changing attitudes is funded mainly through governmental funding coming from MUCF. The entire organization, and the democratic process is inspected each year by an authorized accountant, and by MUCF (Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society, a government agency in Sweden)


They spread awareness through education in schools, universities, events & in media.

They use real life stories, researches & scientific proofs for education their audience about side effects of porns & sex-buying.

Why Started?

She started this non-profit organization after seeing problem in their own country Sweden. She found that, in her country Sweden, every 10th guy claims he’s at least once paid for sex.

Maria found that the Se-buying is the primary reason for sex-trade.

Porn can also leads to have an impact on youngster health.It leads to sexuality problems, relationships issues, lifestyle changes & in their attitudes.

Consuming too much of porn makes a person extreme violent.

Changing Attitudes Contact:

  • Instagram: @changingattitudes –
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Hashtag: #changingattitudes

Contacts & Social Media:
LinkedIn:Maria Ahlin

Aman Dhattarwal – Unacademy’s Top Educator, Youtuber, Entrepreneur Biography, Income, Family & more.

Aman Dhattarwal

Aman Dhattarwal is a Indian Youtuber, Top Educator @Unacademy, Speaker, Career Counseller & an Online Entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Apni Kaksha education platform on Youtube where he gives career guidence, lectures & free courses for their students.

He even hired top educators from all over India for an educator on his Youtube channel.

Full Name:Aman Dhattarwal
Nick name:Aman
Profession:Educator, Youtuber, Speaker, Career Counseller, Online Entrepreneur, Real Estate investor & more.
Famous for:Educating in Youtube
Years Active:July 2015-present

Personal LIFE:

Aman Dhattarwal lives in Gurgaon, New Delhi with their parents & his younger brother, Tanishq Dhattarwal.

He, his mother and his brother had their channels named Apni Kaksha, Apna Zayka & Aman Bhaiya Vlogs. His mother uploads recipe on her channel Apna Zayka, he and his brother make vlogs for Aman Bhaiya Vlogs.

Aman, Tanishq with their mother Mrs. Dhattarwal

His personal channel Aman Dhattarwal, Apni kaksha & Apna College are their main channels, where he gives his life lessons, lectures for Apni Kaksha and College reviews for Apna College youtube channel.

He manages five channels on Youtube.

Date of Birth:25th Sept 1997, But he celebrates on 4th March every year, because he lost a younger brother who was born on 4th of March. [Everywhere around the internet is written 27th or 4th March is wrong]
Education:Computer Science Graduate
Profession:Youtuber, Speaker, Top Educator @Unacademy [Physics for Class 12th & JEE], Entrepreneur.
Family Background:He belong to a Rajasthani family. His father and mother were both from Rajasthan, later shifted to New Delhi.
Father’s Name & Profession:Mr Dhattarwal, Not Known
Mother’s Name & Profession: Mrs Dhattarwal, She’s a housewife and also owns a Youtube channel “Apna Zayka”
Siblings Name:Tanishq Dhattarwal [Younger brother]
Relationships & Partner’s Name:N/A
Marital Status & Spouse:Unmarried
Height:5.10 ft
Shoes Size:UK 9
Place of residence:Gurgaon, New Delhi-Haryana Border
Hometown:Small Village in Rajasthan, India
Religion, Nationality:Rajasthani, Indian
Aman Dhattarwal Family
Picture Credits – Instagram


  • B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi (2015-2019) which was Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT). Aman Dhattarwal’s JEE marks was 181 out of 360
  • Schooling: Delhi Public School R.K.Puram (Rama Krishna Puram), New Delhi

His Youtube Journey.

When he was in college he tried everything from drama to singing to debate to dance, but failed in everything then ultimately ended up as an educator.

He got into Youtube in the year 2015 after getting inspired from Zaid Ali [Pakistani Youtuber from Canada]. He regularly saw his Youtube videos and started why not start our own channel.

He then started doing research on his niche, He knows that he is very good in teaching his classmates before every exam and started his journey as a educator in Youtube.

He started by uploading “Tips for 12th board exams you shouldn’t miss” which was his very first video in his channel right after he got into college, just to aware the mistakes that he had done after class 12th.

Started by career advice for Class 12th & freshly entered colleg students, he then started giving videos on college reviews, personality development, freelancing skills and more.

To make his educator journey separate from his personality videos, he started another channel “Apni Kaksha” youtube channel for providing free lectures to the students.

This channel is focused on learning tutorials for IIT-JEE aspirants, Class 12th students as well as placement tips, Java, Python programming, web development, Git& GitHub, etc. for college students.


Youtube:Aman Dhattarwal [2.5million] – Personality, Career, Growth niche.
Apni Kaksha [540K] – Free Education for boards & IIT
Apna College [160K] – Colleges reviews
Aman Bhaiya Vlogs [80K], Aman Dhattarwal’s lifestyle vlogs
Apna Zayka [33K] – His mother’s cooking channel
Instagram:@dhattarwalaman [225K]
Twitter:Aman Dhattarwal
Facebook:Aman Dhattarwal
LinkedIn:Aman Dhattarwal
Aman Dhattarwal’s Manager:Managed by Monk-E


  • Monthly – More than 15Lacs per month
  • Net Worth – 2crore INR

ASSETS & Gadgets, vehicles

  • Suzuki Swift DZire
  • Owns 8 Houses in Real Estate and his plan is to buy more.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS 400 D 4Matic, White


Aman wants to provide quality education free of cost for every students of Class 12th & for the IITs. He wanted to make his Apni Kaksha channel a platform for the students who couldn’t afford fees for their IIT tutions, and for this he is putting a lot of efforts and money.


  • He was making a good amount of money as freelancing in college before the 7th semester.
  • He used to make studios for the creators and handles their social media handles for them.
  • He started investing in stocks and real estate at a very young age of 18, where many people of their age haven’t started their career yet.